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Who we are

Senior Support Plus is a charitable, non-profit organization providing opportunities for older people who are face with daily challenges to carry out tasks at home they now fine difficult to do safely.

We also support those who are socially isolated, prone to anxiety, depression or are diagnosed with dementia, also those with reduce mobility issues.  we create opportunities to enable older people to remain activities and remained connected to their community by providing therapeutic activities, door to door transport to and from all social events also professional support staff to help engaged with personal and nutritional care.

We help to create a safe warm and welcoming environment where older people are empowered to make informed decisions about their lives before it reaches a crisis level, to that end older people are able to remain socially active for as long as possible, engage with their peers and learn new skills, that maximized their full potential enjoying their lives and not enduring it.

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Day care services

As part of our help at home for seniors in Southwark, we offer a variety of different activities and services to help support older people remained engaged and active in society.  

How can we help?

We offer a daycare service, which includes:  


Digital Inclusion

As the world moves more and more online, many older people find themselves left behind. We counter that by providing a digital inclusion service, connecting the elderly more and more with the people they love.

digital help for elderly

Therapeutic Activities for the Elderly

Strength and balance exercise sessions form the core of this, helping the elderly remain mobile improve strength and balance also reduce falls.

therapeutic activities for elderly




Games, Arts and Crafts

We run games of dominoes, bingo, draughts – all aimed at bringing people together in a team setting, forming connections and keeping hands and eyes coordination high. We also run arts and crafts sessions to keep the creative skills and dexterity fluid.

games arts and crafts elderly group


Transport to and from Activities for the Elderly

Those who are socially isolated or lonely and struggled with anxiety and depression are at a disadvantage and does not enjoyed a quality of life,  we also support those who  lack cognitive awareness to access public transport safely  by creating opportunities to  access our wheelchair-accessible mini bus to fully engage within their community.

wheelchair friendly minibus

 Support Workers and Volunteers

Dedicated people who love others and love what they do are the most important thing we can provide. Fortunately, we have over 25 years of experience between us to help support older people to enjoy their day us with us each day.

volunteer ironing for elderly lady


Seaside Trips

Everyone loves the beach and there's no reason why older people should miss out on a day trip to the seaside. With our wheelchair-accessible minibus everyone is priortise to take to the seaside  excursions each year.

couple walking along the seaside



Contact us today on 07495 722523 to arrange day care services, alternatively fill in our contact form with the link below

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Do you know anyone in need of help? Get in touch via our contact form and book yourself or your loved one in for some fun today!

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Help at home

We understand that, as much as you'd like to, you can't be around for your elderly loved one all the time. That can lead to some pretty lonely days, so we provide Day Care also Help at Home for seniors in Southwark. Our help at home service includes:

  • Gardening - £22.00 per hour
  • Cleaning - £25.00 per hour 
  • Decluttering - £30.00 per hour
  • Day Care - £35.00 per hour
  • General advice

Having someone around, even while they're providing a specific service, can be a huge comfort for those who, for much of the time, find themselves alone.

Please get in touch via our contact form if you or your elderly loved one needs any of these services.

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Welfare and benefit check

While we mainly provide home help for seniors in Southwark, there are a whole host of initiatives to help the elderly who find themselves in need. We can help your loved one take advantage of the help on offer, providing:

  • Day Care
  • Information and advice
  • Social prescribing
  • Signposting into services

Get in touch today to discuss welfare and benefit checks in more detail.

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Our team

Our staff team have a combined knowledge and skills, that incorporate lived and work experiences of over 25 years gained from working in social and health care.

 We have experience supporting the most vulnerable polder people in our community and pride ourselves on our inclusivity and diversity that is reflective of our community. Our support plan is designed specifically around individual needs.  Our approach to care is person centred and holistic as induvial are unique with specific needs, our services are flexible, friendly and designed towards needs.


senior support plus team




Meals on wheels (for seniors)

One special service we are incredibly proud to offer is our healthy, freshly-cooked, Caribbean meals on wheels service, delivered straight to your door.

We offer this service on Fridays and Saturdays from 12:30am to 4pm, at the price of £12.50 per meal.

Please give us a call in advance to book a delicious meal for your loved one. We take orders for the weekend from Monday to Thursday.

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meals on wheels - food delivery





Training and support

We offer a whole host of supplementary services to help you care for your loved one at home. Please have a look at our Training and Support page for more information.

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If you find yourself in need of home help for seniors in Southwark, please fill out this form with the appropriate details.

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Call us: 07495722523

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